Individual Services

In addition to our complete projects, we offer a la carte services to meet individual investigators needs, those currently include:

  • Genotyping by PCR, T7Endonculease I and/or Sanger Sequencing – our cost structure is based on per round/locus genotyping of up to 10 samples at a time.
  • Development of genotyping strategy – if you have a new line in the lab or would like to design a more convenient way to genotype an existing line, we can assist you with designing and validating a strategy for the locus of interest.
  • Construct cloning – we can design and generate targeting vectors or other plasmid constructs through our full suite of molecular services.
  • Tissue culture services – we offer basic support when needed for cell line derivation, construct validation, transfection and other tests.
  • CRISPR off-target analysis – for a locus edited with a known gRNA we offer up to 3-hit off-target analysis by PCR and Sanger Sequencing.